Online Slots

Online slots are loved in UK online casinos. They have come a long way from the ‘one-armed bandits’ in traditional pubs. Online slots are now an amazing digital experience. They are exciting entertainment for all UK game players.

Getting started with Online Slots

As you probably know, to win at online slots, the right combination of symbols must line up together. In the classic pub style game, only one line would be on offer. But today online the options seem endless, some paylines even run diagonally. There are more ways to win than ever before.

In Brazil they called Caça Níqueis and the best website to start play is

The UK has an amazing selection of online casinos. They provide hundreds of online slot games with some incredible themes designed to appeal to many different players. Online slots UK also have a vast amount of playing styles. They vary from a simple three reel with one payline to a more detailed five reel slot system. All games have many ways to win. Whatever your preference, you’ll find what you’re looking for when you play online slots with online casinos in the UK.

Playing online slots has its advantages. One of the main attractions to this game is the higher payout compared to traditional ‘land’ based slots. This fact alone should make you want to start playing straight away, but we are here to make sure you know everything you need before getting started.

Online slots UK have wide betting ranges. Players have won millions of pounds from putting down very little. A great benefit is playing in real-money mode, something you cannot do in a traditional casino.

Online casino slots are normally split into ‘classic slots’ and ‘video slots’. A classic slot is the traditional version with 3 reels and 1-5 paylines. These are the simplest versions of online slots and are enjoyed by millions of players. Video slots are 5 reel games that offer 9-100 paylines. Some online video slot games can offer up to 243 different ways to win per spin.

Some online slots offer fixed jackpots, and others provide progressive jackpots which can climb to a dizzy height and help you win big. There are also many ways to play, including tournament mode. Multi player slots are extremely popular.

We get asked for online slot tips and strategies all the time. Our main piece of advice is: set your limits. It is so important to set your limits when playing online slots real money. This will raise your chances of success.

Set your bankroll limit and do not exceed it. Decide how many times you will spin the reels without winning. Sort a time limit – allowing you to step away without becoming obsessed. Establish your win and your loss limit- how much will it be ok to lose before calling it quits for the day? Decide on the right number of winnings that will make you step away before things get sour.

Highlights of Playing Online Slots

Many online slot games are available to play in free demo mode. You can also play online slots no deposit.
Wide betting ranges. Most games accommodate low rollers, mid rollers and high rollers.
Hundreds of games available.
Mobile and tablet gaming. Games are just as awesome when playing on the move.

Play Free Slots

Want to play online slots real money? Hold on there. The beauty of online slots is that you can play many of them for free. Advantages of playing online slots include: no registration, no downloads, unlimited free slots credit. If you don’t want to start gambling straight away, many sites offer a free play demo mode. This mode allows you to perfect your online slot strategy before commitment. It is an extremely useful mode for millions of slot lovers and a step towards handling the game like a pro. Free slots are the way forward.

UK slots (both video and classic) offer many bonus features. Free slots come with free spins. A ‘gamble’ option is almost always available where you can double your winnings. Our advice to all beginners when it comes to these slots? Try as many as possible. Find the slot game that works for you. You can often play online slots no deposit for a big shot at the big win. Playing online requires no registration or download, simply wait for the instant flash game to load and you’re good to go! If you want the games on your computer, download the gaming software. Slot software can give you access to over 750 slot games.

It is also important to consider your platform. There are slight differences in game play when it comes to mobile, tablet and desktop. The game choices are still there but the functionality is slightly different. We love playing on mobile, it’s the perfect distraction for when we’re out and about. If stuck on a bus for an hour, we can use the time to perfect our online slot skills.

We have selected the very best microgaming online slots real money for you to enjoy. Our selections were chosen for maximum enjoyment and solid game play. We pick the very best free slots for you to enjoy. Online casinos themselves even offer tips on how to win big and get a maximum payout.