Online Blackjack

Online BlackjackPlaying online blackjack in the UK for the best winnings has never been easier. There are some incredible online casino environments that let you play this simple game from the comfort of our own home. Or thanks to mobile, from anywhere you like. Simply select one of our carefully chosen online casinos and get started with some excellent sign up rewards. Read our reviews then start playing online blackjack real money in no time at all.

Playing Blackjack Online

Online blackjack is simple game. This is why it is loved by gamblers worldwide. This game has simple rules and quick playing time. Online blackjack is often considered the go-to online casino game for most casino players everywhere.

The basic game permits players to quickly win money and move onto the next hand. They can quickly maintain a winning streak or try to recover losses in no time at all. Throughout the years the basic game has been adapted for playing online and strategies have evolved to win big when playing against the dealer or even against other players.

Online Blackjack Rules

The basic game rule is for the player to try and get as close to 21 (or reach that magic number) without going over it. Going over is called busting (or ‘going bust’). Each card has its own numeric value. Court cards are worth 10 and aces can either translate to 1 or 11. The value of the ace will usually work in your favour- so a king and an ace will land you smugly at 21 (this combination is also called a ‘blackjack’). The first person who goes bust loses the game.

As you play you can indeed have a few choices on how exactly to move forward in the game. It is important to note that the game does not actually start until all bets have been placed and the cards have been dealt. It is then standard practice for the dealer to hand the player two cards face down. Once the player examines his cards, he then decides what to do to get as close to 21 as possible. He can request more cards, one by one, by saying ‘hit me’. If the player is comfortable with their total number, they can say ‘stand’ or ‘stick’ and no more cards will come their way with their current hand.

There are various other game variant ‘demands’, that when used can give you exciting new options- if they are accommodated in your game. If you request to ‘Double Down’ then you will receive a card and your original bet will be doubled. (there are often rules involved when it comes to doubling down- check game rules before using this.) You can also demand to ‘Split’ your cards. This is when your two cards hold the same value, so splitting them can create two separate hands. Doubling down also doubles the bet along with the excitement for the player. ‘Insurance’ is also something to note. By using this game variant, you may come out even if you lose a hand. If you strongly believe that card about to be turned over has a value of 10, calling insurance gives you 2-1 odds on your call.

Blackjack Strategy

The excitement of the online game is raised when you play with multiple decks. But playing this way makes it harder to guess the end value of the card that is about to come your way. If you’re already on 12, there could be a strong chance that the next card will send you way over 21. In most online environments, you should be able to see one of the dealers’ cards. This should give you an idea of how to play your next move. Also, if you are playing with a live dealer, don’t underestimate the power of eye contact which could indicate the strength of a dealer’s current hand.

Winning at Blackjack

In our experience, to strengthen your chances at winning online blackjack, you must watch others play. This is the beauty of the online casino environment; you can watch other players win and lose. This way you can play online blackjack real money with complete confidence. Watching these games will boost your strategies and turn you into a pro player in no time. When you are ready to start, play with small amounts. This allows you to imagine how much you’d win or lose with larger amounts.

Live Blackjack Tables

Live blackjack tables at online casinos are exactly how you’d imagine them. They are live videos of an actual blackjack table with a dealer ready and waiting for your participation.

It is so very important for players to choose the right table when opting for a live table. There can be different tables for different betting amounts and different game variations. Our advice is to make sure that the table you have selected offers a simple version of the game. The table should contain the phrase ‘3 to 2’ to indicate you are playing the classic game.

Remember – start slow, win big and have a great time doing it.