Casino Bonus

Casino bonus, it is often said that, the secret to a good casino is the bonuses on offer. The competition between the top casinos is heavy, so UK online casino bonuses will always be impressive. We are here to break down these bonuses so you can start playing like a pro with minimal effort.

Best Online Casino Bonuses

No matter if you start playing blackjack or online slots, you will notice that your preferred casino will be offering various online casino bonuses to get you playing and winning. This is a tool for them to keep you in the game, but they are worth taking.

If you are offered a UK casino bonus, you should take it to exploit the site offering you ‘free money’. Using the online casino bonus they provide, you will most certainly find that your deposit will last longer. (this depends on how you play of course.)

Our readers are constantly asking what makes a good UK casino bonus. Casino bonus no deposit? Welcome bonus? This page will provide the answers. The top UK online casinos all want your business, so the competition is fierce. They will all offer impressive amounts to get you started (often referred to as a ‘welcome bonus’). They will also top you up when you’re on a roll. Bonuses range from a small starting credit to a larger sum to play with. It is important to know which online casino bonuses exist and to understand their terms. The best casino bonus depends on the player.

The Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are the most common and can be found in all the top online casinos. They are promotions that are offered to new players to get them playing in style. This is also called a ‘sign up’ bonus or a ‘new player’ bonus.  This kind of online casino bonus falls into a ‘percent’ or ‘matching’ type of bonus- varying from 10% to 500% of the initial amount deposited. If for example you deposit 100 GBP, a 50% welcome bonus will add an additional 50 GBP to your balance. A ‘Match’ bonus will give you 100% of what you invest, so with a 100 GBP deposit, you’ll end up with an all-new 200 GBP balance.

The No Deposit Bonus

A No Deposit Bonus (also called casino bonus no deposit) means that you get money to play with – without having to make a deposit. This online casino bonus means that (in theory) you get free money to play with. Usually there will be tight conditions in place in order to withdraw such a bonus (see later on). The amount of this bonus will not be huge, but it will be enough for you to get to know the casino and games.

The Deposit Bonus

The Deposit Bonus is similar to the welcome bonus. To encourage you to make a deposit, the casino will give you an incentive. The offer can go up to 100% of your deposit. These types of bonuses differ strongly from casino to casino.

The Loyalty Bonus

The loyalty bonus, also named a ‘VIP’ bonus, is a way for the casino to reward loyal players. If you have been playing a certain casino for a certain amount of time, the online casino will recognize this and offer rewards. The casino will often give loyalty points that can be exchanged for a bonus to your balance.

The High Roller Bonus

The best casinos love to see their players depositing and winning big. To keep you in the game, they will offer a High Roller Bonus to players on a massive run, and to players who are investing a lot to start.

It is super important to understand that different online casino bonuses come with different rules. The rules are different according to each casino. You must make sure you meet the conditions to get your UK casino bonus. You will usually not be permitted to play with your bonus in all games offered. There will also be conditions concerning the withdrawal of your bonus, often including a time limit and a play count. The most common rule shared by all the top casinos is that you will need to deposit cash before being allowed to withdraw your bonus winnings. There will be occasions where the casino will need a minimum deposit (also called a wager) before allowing you to withdraw.

You may even have to multiply the bonus by their requested amount before you can withdraw. For example, for a ‘20x Bonus’ rule, you will have to play for 2000 GBP (on a 100 GBP bonus). A casino bonus no deposit doesn’t come without conditions.

Playing for bonuses are an incredible way to start and to keep you winning big. The best casino bonus comes with the responsibility to read about it. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of checking each bonus and the rules that come with it before you start playing.