Blackjack strategy

Blackjack strategyPlaying Blackjack is a professional casino player’s dream ? delivering genuine skill responses and the opportunity to use card counting to get a real long-term advantage over the house. However, how can novice and casual gamers get more of an edge?

Find player-friendly Blackjack tables

Like all casino games, the house has a built in advantage over the gamer. However, by being selective in which tables you decide to play, you can instantly maximise your chances, without placing a bet! Some online Blackjack tables are meaner than a crooked Vegas gambling house, offering average returns as low as 93%. Never play at any online Blackjack casino that doesn’t offer independently verified payouts over 95%. In addition, get a boost by looking for games allowing 2 card double bets and Soft 17 dealer standing features.

Use basic Blackjack strategy

The second easy way to claw back a percentage is to use basic Blackjack strategy (simple rule cards which guide your betting and moves, which are freely available from many websites). While it’s true that a basic Blackjack strategy won’t turn you into a Vegas pro or allow you to get an edge over the online casino like a real card counter, they will instantly enhance your potential for winning hands.

Card count to power-up basic Blackjack strategy

Few casual gamers have the time or inclination to jet out to Las Vegas and learn how to card count like a pro gambler. However, the basics of Blackjack are not brain surgery ? and you can quickly learn how to casually count to enhance the results of using basic Blackjack logic.
How to card count ? the basics?
As the cards start being revealed on the Blackjack table, make a note of whether they are high or low cards (high = tens, jacks, queens, kings and low cards = 2 ? 5). You’re now ready to look for pivot points, which indicate an advantage to the casino or player. They key is to identify situations where there is a 6 card difference between the high and low count. A rich low score indicates an advantage to the players, and vice versa.
Check out an example of using simple casual counting, compared to basic Blackjack analysis:
The Player 16 combo versus the 10-up house card

Basic Blackjack strategy suggests: hitting your 16 against the dealer’s 10 (to get 20 or 21, you need a 4 or 5)
Casual counting suggests: Studying the table for 6 or more lows to high cards. If the table is low rich, click stand.
With time ? you can add in more techniques like the illustration above ? and go from novice to intermediate Blackjack skill gamer!

Blackjack strategy